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Zireia is a modern water production and bottling company, which operates in its own bottling plant, bringing to the market - with the homonymous name of Zireia - one of the best on the market bottled waters. Zireia, created as a family business formed its corporate identity by combining the adjustment to market demands and competition with a friendly service customer service, competitive prices, but also a human face.

Constantly investing in new technologies and modern infrastructure, the company utilizes the most of the inexhaustible wealth of natural water springs of Zireia maintaining excellent quality in our products, thus ensuring the superiority of the product and establishing its position not only in the Greek market but also in many foreign countries.

With respect for the environment and commitment to excellent quality and value for money without compromising on health and safety issues, Zireia company can look to the future with optimism, having now won the consumers’   interest in retail and the business customer preference in the wholesale market.

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